Norman - a short film

Norman – A short film

Miss Sandy Ray is the cliché beautiful girl next door to Norman who he has taken a liking to. We soon discover the dynamic relationship between the two and how Norman learns to deal with the situations that arise throughout.

I play work colleague Philip who seems to have an opinion on everything!

Norman - a short film

Epiphany an urban drama thriller

Stephen Levy’s short film, Epiphany – an urban drama thriller.

I am playing the lead role and currently working on Epiphany, a short film about a young man Lenny who is transformed through an empowering experience taking place in his life on the streets of East London.

Epiphany an urban drama thriller

Urban drama thriller - Epiphany

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Kreative Education Solutions present The Drama & Acting Academy.

“A Big Thank-You to Ismael Lea South, CEO of Kreative Education Solutions who devote their time to giving back to the youth PROPERLY!

We have decided to work together and offer Drama & Acting classes for young people aged 11 – 17. After 10 weeks you will get an Arts Council certified award & a chance to audition for a new film that will be filmed in November 2016. The classes will be facilitated by yours truly… André Fyffe! and another special Industry Guest”

Kreative Education Solutions present The Drama & Acting Academy.

Three new projects

Poem: ‘We Are Men’ by Cal Barwick, dealing with racial stereotypes.

Music video: Owls – Conspiracy

A short-audio car chase drama: ‘The Russians Play Hard’ written by Tommie Grabiec.