Andre Fyffe

Give and Pull

Currently filming short film ‘Give and Pull’ playing Renz a serious and pensive character and boyfriend to the main character Selene.  To be released at the end of 2015. Sending to film festivals around London.

YOLO online Series - Mark stares into space.

Current projects include online series YOLO & short film Give and Pull…

Currently working on YOLO an online series playing the lead role mark, ‘ a money hungry young man who only cares about himself.’ Filming throughout the summer, the series is coming out later this year. Also working on a short film Give and Pull playing Renz a serious and pensive character and boyfriend to the […]

Macbeth poster - Hackney Empire

Lead role in Macbeth

Playing the lead role Macbeth, a man who does anything for power in the music business to become the head of King Records, in a 21st century version of Macbeth. Adaptation by ADP Programme using Shakespeare’s Macbeth meets channel 4’s hip hop drama Empire series. Performed at the Hackney Empire Theatre, 7th August 2015:

Appearing in Muslim Belal’s new track ‘Nation of Ignorance’.

Muslim Belal’s powerful new track and spoken word video ‘Nation of Ignorance’, featuring Castillo and Suli Breaks.

Three new projects

Poem: ‘We Are Men’ by Cal Barwick, dealing with racial stereotypes. Music video: Owls – Conspiracy A short-audio car chase drama: ‘The Russians Play Hard’ written by Tommie Grabiec.

Jim, a comedy TV teaser

I’ve just finished shooting a comedy TV teaser called JIM, about a man called Jim who simply wants his gym back and will do anything to get it back:

Collide & Hamlet

I am currently acting and co-directing a new pilot film called Collide for Channel 232 AIT and also in the middle of rehearsals as I’m playing Laertes and Guildenstern and performing in  Shakespeare’s Hamlet at Barons Court Theatre from Tuesday, 6 January 2015 to Sunday, 18 January 2015. Click here to purchase tickets.