….to when I was in primary school! Age 10, I played the nervous wreck presenter Josh in a PSHE video. It all seems such a long time ago now….. André Fyffe as Josh

Cover for short film 'Capture'

Short film Capture Trailer is OUT!

Short film Capture is about a distressed woman on the run after stealing the world’s most advanced breakthrough technologies and medicine to save its investor, who is her father. Her careless attempt to control this technology accidentally puts the lives of others at risk. Directed by Alex Igbonai and filmed by Zoran Veljkovic an award […]

Russian Roulette, a spoken word film by poet Emmanuel Speaks

Playing the character Caleb in a spoken word film by poet Emmanuel Speaks. This is a short film adaptation of the storyline presented by his debut EP ‘#Russian Roulette’. Serving as a music video compilation – this film takes the viewer on a journey of LUST, LOVE, FAITH, GENDER and POWER. Still image from the […]

Free Santa – a short film produced by André Fyffe

Over the Christmas period I released a short film that I produced and acted in called Free Santa. A man named Saint Nicholas is left to defend himself in court after a string of breaking and entering. He attempts to convince the court he is indeed Santa Claus. André Fyffe playing Michael and Santa Claus […]

Absent, a feature film directed by Aysha Scott.

Currently in Pre-production with feature film Absent

Currently in Pre-production with feature film Absent. Directed by Aysha Scott, Absent follows a jilted single mum, Angel (played by Segilola Ogidan) who desperately attempts to get her callous baby-father, Marcus, (played by Kayode Akinyemi) to take responsibility for their son. His resistance to fatherhood leads her on an angry path at risk of losing everything. […]

Epiphany an urban drama thriller

Stephen Levy’s short film, Epiphany – an urban drama thriller.

I am playing the lead role and currently working on Epiphany, a short film about a young man Lenny who is transformed through an empowering experience taking place in his life on the streets of East London. Click here to view more photos.

Macbeth play has recently received ★★★★ reviews from Musical Theatre Review

Macbeth play has recently received ★★★★ reviews from Musical Theatre Review and Fest Magazine “Andre Fyffe portrays a richly complex Macbeth, full of strength, despair, uncertainty and empathy.” “The rap sequence between Macbeth and Banquo is brilliantly timed and choreographed”

Volvic - #RevealYourFlavour

Volvic UK commercial is finally here!

The Volvic UK commercial is finally here! #RevealYourFlavour will be broadcast on online advertising platforms such as YouTube and many others, so don’t press that skip button! 😉 This is the German Poster. Currently posters are being displayed all over Europe and should be in London shortly.

Internet addicts - A small comedy sketch written by Adi Alfa and shot by Bosss media..

‘Internet Addicts’

What happens when three addicts get together? A small comedy sketch written by Adi Alfa and shot by Bosss media.