André Fyffe is 22 years of age but often gets cast for older roles due to his mature appearance and husky voice.

He attended Willesden Drama Workhouse for 6 years taking part in annual performances, working both on stage and backstage. During these years, André found his passion and confidence which led to 2 years further training at Sylvia Young School of Performing Arts.

André then spent 2 years at Kingdom School of Arts which provides a unique combination of part-time, vocational screen acting and theatre training and offers state-of-the-art facilities and a teaching faculty of professional practitioners.

This was followed by him being signed by Williams Bulldog Management Agency after proving the potential he had to be a professional actor. Since then, André has appeared in a range of short films such as Film5 Scruffbag productions whilst undergoing his own project ‘My Cousin Reece’ which gained thousands of views online. He also worked professionally on Sky’s Pick TV series “What’s Up.”

Extremely tenacious with a highly committed attitude towards acting, André is currently training in method acting at East London Actors Studio and working on a new short film ‘Hidden Secrets’ which he directs and acts in. He also appears in a new web series ‘YOLO’ and a short film ‘Time.’ A further pilot film ‘Collide’ will be aired on AIT Channel 232. See other current projects here.

Skills:  Full UK driving license, Level 1 Football Coach, Rapping
Sports: Football, Basketball and Athletics.
Accents:  London (Native), Jamaican, General American and Nigerian.

André Fyffe